Planning for Teaching During COVID-19, Told In Disney GIFs

Planning for this coming school year is … different. It’s a little bit like going “into the unknown.” And since we’re frustrated and we can’t “let it go,” we’ve compiled several Disney GIFs that show just exactly what it’s like planning for teaching during COVID-19.

1. Waiting on the powers that be to make a call on distance vs. in-person learning

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Could you just decide already?!

2. Prioritizing my health while considering what’s best for kids while taking into account the needs of my own family.

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And I thought work-life balance was hard before.

3. Every time the administration makes a decision I don’t agree with

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Keeping masks on kindergartners? Have you ever been in a classroom?

4. Spending my own money on cleaning supplies

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It’s just like school supplies. I know I shouldn’t have to, but I do it anyway.

5. Stocking up on PPE

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*buys a mask for every day of the week*

6. Rehearsing no-touch greetings

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No more high-fives, handshakes, or hugs.

7. Attempting to understand the master schedule

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Zoom meetings, visiting specialists, cohorts … I can’t keep it straight.

8. Fixing something the administration couldn’t figure out

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Just ask teachers in the first place!

9. Trying to make social distancing work in the classroom

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*rearranges desks for the hundredth time*

10. Cleaning my classroom

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But with fewer helpers and more Lysol Disinfecting Wipes.

11. Creating my lesson plans for the first day

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I have a plan B. And a plan C. And a plan D.

12. Practicing having my mask on all day

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It’s just so clingy.

13. Preparing to sanitize myself after a long day of teaching.

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So fresh and so clean, clean.

14. Remembering what teaching was like before COVID-19.

I even miss the copier breaking.

15. Being told I’m going virtual when I already planned for in-person.

So. Much. Wasted. Time.

16. Actually switching from one teaching model to another.

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Faster than Lightning McQueen.

17. When it’s all just too much

I am le tired.

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